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Below is a list of links to helpful articles on the topic of Content Marketing. There are a lot of incredibly smart and talented people working in this field. This is just a small sampling of their great content that I’ve come across. Enjoy!

Marketing Success Doesn’t Have to be Hard, Here are 14 Roles to Fill      February 23, 2019

Why Content Consistency Is Key To Your Marketing Strategy By Jon Simpson February 11, 2019
10 Suggestions for Changing Things Up and Breaking Out of a Small Business Rut    By Annie Pilon     February 9, 2019  If Half of Web Traffic Is Fake, Good Content Marketing Is Even More ImportantBy Emily Gaudette      January 16th, 2019 How Content Marketing Can Help Your Company Do More For Less                           By Alex Ionedes      June 25, 2018  The Eight (New) Commandments Of Content                                                                  By Raush Salhi and Laura Roberts       February 3, 2019 What is work?By John Hagel & Maggie Wooll    January 28, 2019 The Advertising Industry Doesn’t Need More Data- It Needs More Creativity               By Serene Touma       September 20, 2018                                                               
5 Things Missing from Your Content StrategyBy Shante Schroeder      May 18,2017 Why Content Consistency Is Key To Your Marketing Strategy                                     By Jon Simpson        February 11, 2019

                                                                                                                                                                   Inside the patient journey: Three key touch points for consumer engagement strategies
By David Bettes & Leslie Karenda September 25, 2018.
Navigating the future of work: Can we point business, workers, and social institutions in the same direction?
By John Hagel, Jeff Schwartz, Josh Bersin July 31, 2017

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