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Our Mission

Content Marketing has become a mainstay in the marketing strategy of most enterprise businesses. Most large companies are building out internal teams to produce and distribute their content and including content marketing solutions in the martech stack. However, many SMBs are just beginning to appreciate the value of Content Marketing. They understand why they need to build trust with clients and prospects and how this can be done with relevant content. They are beginning to experiment with producing content to see if it can play a role in helping them build their business by increasing the number of high quality leads they receive and building loyalty with their existing customers. At the same time they are realizing that producing effective content, at the needed scale, can be challenging without dedicated staff and how critical it is to be selective and strategic when deciding what content to produce.

Our mission at AMC is to be the go-to partner for Content Marketing for SMBs who have chosen to embrace content as means to developing trust-based relationships with their clients. We work with clients across all industries (law, real estate, food service, health & fitness, retail, healthcare, financial services, automotive, home services, etc.), using our experience and expertise, combined with industry best practices, to develop Content Marketing strategies for our clients that are affordable, executable and customized to your business.

Our experienced teams will help you:

  • Identify which topics are most important to your current and potential customers
  • Determine what formats will be most effective for engaging your target audience
  • Prioritize which platforms are most efficient for reaching your target audience
  • How to measure the impact and ROI of your Content Marketing

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