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Content Marketing Workshops

Why Do I Need A Workshop?

Our Workshops are designed to accomplish three goals. First, establish realistic expectations and identify achievable goals for your Content Marketing program. Second, define your current customer base and any aspirations for expanding your target audience. Third, clarify, refine and document your brand and your value proposition and how you are currently perceived in the marketplace vs. how you may need to adjust that perception in order to expand your customer base.

Establishing this foundation of “current state” and clearly articulating the desired “future state” is necessary to ensure that your Content Marketing strategy is designed to accomplish your business goals.

What To Expect

Our Workshops are customized for every client. Depending on the size of your business, the maturity of your branding and marketing capabilities and how many people will be participating, the exercise takes 2-4 hours. A questionnaire will be distributed to you in advance. Everyone in your company who will be participating in the workshop will be asked to complete it, which should take no more than 30 minutes. We strongly encourage participation by anyone in your organization who is customer-facing. During the workshop, each participant will be asked to be actively involved, including expanding on some of their answers in the questionnaire. This is an interactive event where there are no wrong answers, everyone’s opinion is equally valid and the uncovering of surprising and useful insights is a common occurrence.

After the workshop we will publish a readout that summarizes all findings, conclusions and recommended next steps. We will then schedule a review session to confirm your understanding and agreement on these and present a timeline for the additional steps in the engagement.

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